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We are the first Company Certified by DPITT and Startup India to have inhouse competency in technologies of motion coding, AR/VR, Digitalization and Digital twin. Content Gamification & Simulation are our core competency.

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Education is a powerful tool that aids an individual to face the adversities of life and overcome societal stigmas like poverty, fear, status to achive success. In India, due to rising population admission to most of the top institute have become increasingly competitive. The examination to get in top insitute are examination designed to reject a candidate more than accept him/her. Thus to get admission you need to be better than the best.

How do you know, you are better than the best ? How to become better and how to improve to be the best ?

At e2i we have designed the complete course in a manner which tracks you learning pattern, checks your weak areas and presents revision points automatically. The AI behind is continuously able to track your capability level and compares with global data. The AI then suggests you and present to you the areas which need to be revised again. You can easily set your goal and then track your performance, find gap and also suggest methods to reduce the gap and reach your target faster.

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Industry 4.0 has led to digitalization of industrial process in a huge way. The benifits of digitalization has outweighed the cost associated and hence we see newer technologies coming everyday. Many startup have stared working in this area, adding to the number of choices that a user has today. However not all solutions are scalable and robust to meet the business demand. The choice of technology should be value driven and not hype.

At C.I.E.P.L we are developing inhouse capability on these new technologies to suit to requirement of all types of users. We do not believe in "one size fits all" logic and choose to develop customized solution for every problem. Are you facing any issues in deciding the technology to understand and calculate the tangible benefits of employing digital solution ? Do you want to separate hype with value of a technology.

Just write to us your requirement and we will come to you only after developing a cost effective, value for technology solution.

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